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Josh Jackson

Nov 12 2008

Josh's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel

Josh made his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and I think it went pretty well. They pretty much discussed the same things that he has with Conan O’Brien in the past, but it’s good to get his face out there and reach others to learn about Fringe. If you’re up to hearing more about his house in Topanga, you’re in luck! 😉 I recorded the footage and edited it down to a downloadable scale. It may not be HD quality, but it’ll work. Also, my server has just reinstated our forums, so I fear that we may have some slow moments with the site due to activity. The video is hosted on my media server, so it shouldn’t disturb downloads.

Joshua Jackson on Jimmy Kimmel
Download | 40 MB Windows Media

I’m finishing up the Fringe caps from last night’s episode, “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones”. I thought this was a great episode and really did show a great range of emotion from Josh. What did you all think? For next week’s episode, “The Equation”, the promo can be found on the left.

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