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Nov 11 2008

Josh attends The Artios Awards & more People's Choice details

Joshua Jackson is happy to be leaving his Dawson’s Creek days behind him to become a leading man on Sky1’s spooky US drama Fringe.

“I grew out of my leading boy days,” he joked in Beverly Hills after helping to announce the nominees for 2009’s People’s Choice Awards.

Josh explained: “It’s good. It’s the natural progression of things.”

“I’ve played those roles in film so that’s less intimidating to me than the difficulties of television – which is creating a character that lives over the course of well, God willing, 100 stories or however long it is.”

The J.J. Abrams show is already winning a loyal fan base in America, UK viewers are fast catching up on the show which sees Josh investigate aspects of fringe science, like telepathy and invisibility.

Josh joked that he’s feeling his age when he compares his Dawson days to shooting now: “What you can achieve on television now, and I sound like an ancient man when I say these things, but what you can do on TV now is worlds away from what we could even think of doing 10 years ago.”

“To be around the guys that do it at the highest level and do it the best, it’s a lot of fun.”


After leaving the People’s Choice Awards press conference, he made an appearance at the Artios Awards. The Award show is presented to the Casting Society of America has for excellence in casting. Below are some photos of Josh and his almost co-star, Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy:

The 24th Annual Artios Awards x 7 images

Joshua Jackson Artios Awards Joshua Jackson Artios Awards Joshua Jackson Artios Awards

Don’t forget to watch Josh on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight!

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