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Josh Jackson

Oct 22 2008

Josh continues with radio and video Fringe promotion

Lucky us! I’ve just updated the Radio Interviews page with an interview that Josh did yesterday with the awesome Kevin and Bean from World Famous KROQ out here in Los Angeles. Be sure to check it out!

I’m also in the process of updating the video pages with some new interviews from last month and other goodies.

What did you think of “The Cure” last night? Sadly, we do have to wait 3 weeks until the next episode (gotta pick a new ruler of the free world and all) and I’ll be uploading the promo for that episode later today as well. Next week, will be a repeat of “The Same Old Story” – episode 1×02.

The ratings are in for last night’s episode, and Fringe raked in 9.11 million viewers, total. Breaking it down, Fringe had 9.532 million in the first half hour, but dropped to 8.694 million in the second half hour where it tied in the 18-49 demo with the Dancing with the Stars results show. They both had 3.8/9 ratings for the second half hour. Fringe still won the 18-34 demo outright in the second half hour though, so while House definitely helps, Fringe is still strong in the demos the second half hour.

I hope that all of those (we’ve reached over 100!) that are subscribing to our RSS feeds are finding it beneficial. I do the best to keep you all informed and I’m pleased that you all have another way of getting updates instantly. Thank you for your commitment to the site!

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