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Josh Jackson

Oct 15 2008

GQ Magazine Photoshoot Images!

Great news! Thank you sooo much to bearlee from our Message Board for providing these AMAZING photos of Josh from his GQ Magazine Photo shoot! Josh looks truly stunning and handsome in these shots and I can’t wait for the issue to hit the newsstands! I’m hoping that it’ll be sometime next month or in December. Once I know for certain, I’ll post it here.

Here are some teasers and be sure to click on the link to view them all.

GQ Magazine – 2008 x 6 images

Joshua Jackson GQ Magazine

ETA: I’ve updated on more photo from the shoot and found this little bit (and the photos) from

Dawson’s Creek alum and Fringe star Joshua Jackson shows how a good topcoat can put the definitive touch on the workingman’s wardrobe.

A successful winter business wardrobe starts with your topcoat. And whether you opt for cashmere or tweed, single-breasted or double, it’s all about the fit.

before you purchase yours…

When you go to buy a topcoat, make sure you wear a suit jacket. The coat should fit comfortably over your jacket, but not too comfortably—the aim is to achieve a tailored appearance, like Mr. Jackson here. So if you wear a size 42 suit, try on a size 42 topcoat…

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