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Josh Jackson

Sep 12 2008

New Fringe Media + Josh will HOST Sunday's rebroadcast!

Fox has released some great new stills of Episode 4.04 titled “The Arrival”. They’ve also released a fun Rorschach Test styled promo featuring the cast. It’s really unique and interesting, and I have the video in HQ for you to download below. I also have additional photos of Josh and his cast mates during filming when the L.A. Times dropped them a visit. Be sure to check them out!

The big news? Josh will be hosting the re-broadcast of the pilot episode on Sunday, September 14th, along with his co-star, Anna Torv. Per the executive producer, Jeff Pinkner, the night will be full of goodies to entice the audiences. (See previous post for a reacap of these goodies)

Thanks to for the information!

I’ll be sure to record that night’s hosting and get it up for those that may miss it or are unable to view the show.

Josh and Fringe Cast Filming x 11 new images

Episode 4.04 – “The Arrival” x 3 New Stills

Download | HQ Fringe Rorschach Promo

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