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Sep 10 2008

Fringe has hit the airwaves – What do you think?

What a great premiere night! The show had a couple added scenes from the leaked pilot, and one of those featuring just Josh. Overall, I think it looked great and has a lot of potential. That “this season on Fringe” clip looked amazing! What did everyone else think? Feel free to post your comments here on this post and thanks to all that have been emailing me about Josh and the show. Keep the comments coming! I’ve included the clip shown at the end of the show to download below and I’ll be adding caps soon!

Download | This Season on Fringe
(right click and save target)

ETA: Don’t forget that if you missed last night’s episode, it will run again on Sunday, Sept. 14th at 8/7c on FOX.

Per the Fringe Official Blog, the best part is that after it airs, FOX will be showing some great extras to fill in the next 25 minutes of time to 10pm:

– After the encore, an exclusive preview of the first four minutes of Fringe’s second episode, “The Same Old Story.”

– Before the encore, there’s an extended preview of “24: REDEMPTION,” the two-hour special “24” event that airs November 23rd on FOX.

– Also before the encore, FOX is showing an exclusive first look at an extended scene from the highly anticipated film “The Day The Earth Stood Still”.

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