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Sep 9 2008

Fringe and One Week – Continued Updates

Sadly, Josh was unable to attend the premiere of One Week at the Toronto Film Festival last night. I had heard there was some issues with him getting across the border, but then the good ol’ confirmed the information I was told. Poor guy! Hopefully he can get another passport soon, since we know what a world traveler he is. One thing I am sure is that Josh would have been disappointed. 🙁 He did however, make his radio interview schedules and I’ve updated one of the interviews for you to download below. There is also a clip from Etalk about Josh’s film at Toronto and as well as some great interviews and videos of Josh on the set of Fringe. Which by the way, airs TONIGHT!

Updated @ 2:30pm: Six new radio interviews have been uploaded to the audio page! I will update this section as more podcasts become available. Visit the Josh Jackson Radio Download Page

Download | Josh “One Week” eTalk Toronto

Josh sent to the ER? Get the scoop from!

Josh clowning around while filming a scene
LATimes – ‘Fringe’ makers say it’s no ‘X-Files’

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