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Aug 27 2008

It's a Fringe Poster Puzzler!

We’re getting so spoiled! has just updated with new exclusive posters that seem to fit into a puzzle. Interesting! Below is how all six posters look collectively, and the two larger posters that feature Josh. They’ve also reported some behind the scenes looks at the atmosphere of the Fringe Series Premiere Party Event from Monday night.

Fringe: Promotional Posters featuring Josh x 2 new images

On the subject of the Fringe party, the TVAddict had the “time of his life” while at the event. He got to run into (and snap photos!) of the cast and creators of Fringe and had this to say about Josh:

“Leading man Josh Jackson wasn’t on the other side of some mythical VIP rope-line [like the stars of the CW at their May UpFront]. Instead, he was just hanging out and talking with anyone and everyone who crossed his path.

So when I saw an opportunity to casually insert myself into a conversation between Josh and FRINGE co-creators Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci I jumped at the chance to congratulate fellow Canadian Mr. Jackson on all his success. As well as mention THE MIGHTY DUCKS, which got a laugh out of Josh and led him to remark that on his gravestone it will read, “Josh Jackson, Mighty Duck.” Or as I quietly thought to myself, “Quack, Quack, Quack.”

Now I realize that most fans probably would have asked Josh about DAWSON’S CREEK. But remember, the TV Addict is Canadian. And as a card carrying Canuck, we’re obligated by law to bring up either (a) THE MIGHT DUCKS or (b) DEGRASSI in any and all conversations with our American compadres. Just ask Dan Manu!”

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