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Aug 25 2008

FRINGE News: NYC Premiere, TV Appearances & More!

Mandy is on hiatus this week due to family matters, but updates will still be made during her time away. I’m Kelly, and I will be filling in as the official JJN Editor to keep you all updated on Josh related news and information. So, let’s get underway!

A New York City premiere of FRINGE will be tonight and the cast is scheduled to be in attendance. I’ll be updating the site with photos and any other media coverage once it is made available. On the topic of FRINGE, there is a scheduled TV interview with Josh (and I’m assuming some of his cast mates) on a show called, InFANity. It’s featured on the TV Guide Network Channel, and we’ll be adding it to the site after it airs. The episode will be on September 7th @ 7:00 PM, but be sure to check your local listings for times.

For all you college and university students out there, Fox has put together a simulcast of FRINGE to those that have internet access from a .edu address through college campuses. broke the news on this fun feature. A special web address has been provided by Fox to access the streaming show on September 9th (close to 2 weeks away!):

Edited to Add: New images from the previously mentioned FRINGE premiere party are here! USA Today has also released the details of the event and Josh had this to say about the show and how little he knows about each episode in advance:

“I think part of the message is ‘Be careful playing God.’ There’s definitely that aspect to it,” Jackson said. “But other than that, I don’t know. I’ll have to wait and see. What I’m not smart enough to do yet is piece together the through line.”

Fringe Series Premiere Party x 38 images (more to follow!)

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