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Josh Jackson

Jul 24 2008

More ONE WEEK Images & Comic Con News

With Comic Con in full swing, fans and media outlets are getting their first glimpse at the Official Fringe pilot before it airs in September. If you’re able to attend the event, we’d love to hear what you think about the show and the Fringe panel which will be taking place on Saturday. While you’re there, don’t forget that the show has “clues” placed throughout the event and the LA Times has provided the first clue and where to go. Be sure to check out the link for more details. For more clues and details, please check out Fringe’s latest viral campaign site,

Special thanks to, Michal for providing three new stills from Josh’s upcoming indie drama, ONE WEEK.
ETA: Thanks to Romina for sending over four more images! 🙂 This looks to be a whole new role for Josh, and I know a lot of us are excited to see it!

ONE WEEK Production Stills x 7 images

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