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Jun 5 2008

Two new FRINGE Promos & a new Premiere Date

Thanks to Fringe, we have two new “promo trailers” available to check out. The show looks like it’ll be following a lot of the “patterns” and viral campaigns that Lost did. Can’t wait! Also, thanks to Scarlet for posting an update about the change in the Fringe premiere date to September 9th.

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” Fox is revamping the launch schedule for its fall premieres.
After previously announcing that the lineup for the new season would begin during the last week of August, the net has moved the dates back a week beginning on Sept. 1, starting with a two-hour “Prison Break.”

Reasons vary: One, the extra time gives showrunners some breathing room when it comes to getting their shows on track. Many writer-producers have gotten off to a late start due to the cumulative effects of the writers strike and are still playing catch up.

Also, Sept. 1 is Labor Day, and more viewers will certainly be at home that night getting ready to go back to work and school, rather than a week before when many will still be on vacation spending the last few days of summer on the road and not paying attention to television.

Move would also seem beneficial for Fox’s most buzzworthy new series, “Fringe.” The J.J. Abrams sci-fi skein will air its first episode — an expanded two-hour installment — on Sept. 9 and will now have the benefit of marketing muscle from the first NFL on Fox Sunday doubleheader just two days before.

If you’re looking closely, the Apple-Fetus Core, Triangle-Embed Leaf and Six-Fingered handprint are all featured in quick flashes throughout the promos. Get your decoder rings ready! =D

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