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Josh Jackson

May 7 2008

Josh makes appearance in indie documentary

With the rising gas prices and strain on consumers, a new independent documentary is making the rounds across North America. The film, aptly titled “GASHOLE” gives the viewers a look inside the growing problem with gas and the type of fuel that we use in our vehicles and what the government is (or isn’t) doing about it.

Josh makes an appearance in the film, showing his passion for alternate fuel and what he does to make a difference in his own life. The film is scheduling screenings around the country, so be sure to check out all the details below. Also, for those of you in the Southern California area, Josh is scheduled to attend a Q&A for the film on Friday, May 9th in San Diego at the San Diego EcoCenter. You can find out more details and purchase tickets online via the EcoCenter’s Website

UPDATE: Josh does not plan on attending this screening.

Josh in “GASHOLE”
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