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Josh Jackson

Mar 18 2008

Shutter Interviews – Stills – and more!

Hello all! I’m now back from my trip to Seattle and ready to provide you all with some great new SHUTTER updates! I’m still playing catch up with the news, video and more, but here is some of what I have for you all and I’ll be back with more during the week! Don’t forget, Josh will be having an interview on E! Channel’s The Daily 10 TOMORROW NIGHT, which I will record and get on here for you all, as well. Apparently, there will be a MTV feature on Shutter on March 19th during the Road Rules/Real World Challenge, too. I’ll be recording that and getting it online as soon as possible!


Josh Interview About SHUTTER – Via

Also, as previously indicated, there is a chance that Josh will NOT making his originally scheduled appearances on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson and TRL, so, I’ll still record these episodes just in case.

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