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Mar 11 2008

Josh Media & New Interviews

As SHUTTER promotion goes into full swing, we’re blessed with more interviews and TV media. My apologizes for not updating about this sooner. I’m heading out of town tomorrow for about a week and getting ready for my trip. I’ll be doing my best to update the site while away and anything video related that may spring up while I’m gone will be added upon my return. That being said, a new video of Josh on E!’s Daily 10 will be uploaded tonight!

Latest Articles & Interviews

ETA: Just received word that Josh may be making an appearance on TRL next Tuesday and the L.A. independent radio show, Jonesy’s Jukebox, on Indie 103.1 FM.

If Josh is able to make all these appearances, I’ll do my best to bring it all to you online. 🙂

ETAA: I’ve uploaded a new (and very brief) interview of Josh on the topic of marriage from E! Channel’s, The Daily 10:

Download Josh on “The Daily 10”
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