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Mar 26 2008

FRINGE details, images and New Radio Interviews!

Now that we’re getting closer and closer to the new TV Season post-WGA Strike, there is a buzzing around the TV world about the new TV pilots that should strike our interests. One of the top 10? Why, Fringe, of course!

Courtesy of the the L.A. Times: TV pilot season contenders


Who’s in it and where you’ve seen them: Joshua Jackson, a.k.a. wise-cracking Pacey Witter on “Dawson’s Creek,” plus Kirk Acevedo from “Invincible” and Tomas Arana from “Gladiator,” two actors who were also both on “24,” are on board.

Who’s behind it: That monster-making “Cloverfield”/”Star Trek” fiend J.J. Abrams is guiding the show, while “Journeyman” director and executive producer Alex Graves will be directing.

Why you’ll watch: The show pairs a female FBI agent with a scientist and his son as they search for the paranormal. When you’ve got “X-Files” + “Cloverfield” + “Supernatural” mixed in with a little “Alias,” seems the show could be off to a good start.

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I’ve also uploaded some new radio interviews that Josh did last week to help promote Shutter I should be posting more soon!

(right click and save target/link to download)

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