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Nov 14 2007

Josh's role scrapped for "Grey's" ?

With the writers strike going on, and with no end in sight, rumor has it that Josh’s role on Grey’s Anatomy may have been scrapped and the episode he was scheduled to appear in first has been re-shot, and may be the shows “Finale” episode. (Please note that this is only speculation at this point. The Writers strike has given viewers very little to go on and confirmation about what the true fate is of any future filming of episodes)

From Ask Ausiello:

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Joshua Jackson’s arc, which has been delayed indefinitely. Bummer, too, since I just found out which Seattle Grace doc he was going to be paired with, and it’s pretty much the last person I would’ve suspected. And trust me, that’s a good thing. I probably shouldn’t tell you who it is since the script isn’t even written yet and, therefore is subject to changeā€¦. Oh, what the hell (Major spoiler alert):

It’s Cristina! That’s right, Yang was/is supposed to rebound with Pacey!

However, to show his support for the WGA, Josh showed up for duty to picket with other celebs, yesterday (View All Photos Here):

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