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Sep 26 2007

New photos from the set of "One Week"!

New production photos from the set of Josh’s new movie, “One Week” were released today, along with an article that discusses the film and provides some brief interviews with Josh about his role. You can View All Production Photos here.

Also, “Battle in Seattle” is coming to the Vancouver International Film Festival in October. See the link for details and times.

Production Photos & article (courtesy of

Joshua Jackson, playing the character Ben Tyler, is devastated after finding his Norton motorcycle “run over” Tuesday afternoon. Jackson is in Tofino filming One Week. Click here to see more photos of Tuesday’s filming. (Keven Drews Photo)

By Keven Drews

One of Canada’s best-known actors spent three days in Tofino this week shooting scenes for a film about cancer, denial and the meaning of life.

Joshua Jackson, known for his roles in TVs Dawson’s Creek and the 2006 movie Bobby, shot scenes for One Week on downtown streets, inside local coffee and surf shops, on the water and at Chesterman Beach.

“This is logically the end of the road,” said Nadia Tavazzani, the film’s associate producer. “This film is going to capture the most beautiful spots between Toronto and Tofino.”

Starring Jackson, One Week tells the story of a 20-something Toronto English teacher named Ben Tyler who is diagnosed with cancer and given a 10 per cent chance of survival.

Instead of beginning treatment, Tyler leaves Toronto on a cross-Canada motorcycle trip. He stops in Banff and ends up in Tofino. Filming began in Toronto Sept. 10, before the crew drove across Canada with a tour bus, pickup truck, trailer and minivan.

“It really is a question of what does one do with their life,” said Jackson, when asked about the film’s meaning. “What does your life mean? It’s basically what the character asks.”

Tavazzani said the film’s crew of 18 arrived on the West Coast of Vancouver Island Monday night and began filming Tuesday. She said they’ll finish the Tofino segment today.

One scene shot Tuesday showed Tyler returning to a scene of his damaged Norton motorcycle after it was accidentally “run over” by a 1946 green Ford half-ton truck, driven by Tofino resident Peter Moffat.

Jackson said it wasn’t easy researching the role of a cancer patient. He said unless a person experiences the disease “it’s outside the ability of someone to understand. The best I can do is be as honest as possible.”

Meantime, locals said they were thrilled to be a part of the action. Wade Denesky, co-owner of Tuff Beans coffee shop, said he was first asked to let out his business this past summer. “I’d like to think it puts off a really good vibe.” Moffat said he was asked to participate Tuesday morning. “They were just looking for a truck and said, ‘come on down. I’m proud of this old truck. I love this old truck.”

Tavazzani said the crew will work in Tofino today, before heading back to Toronto for more filming. The film’s producers are Nicholas de Pencier, Jane Tattersall and Michael McGowan. (and Joshua Jackson *ahem*) laughing

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