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Sep 9 2007

Josh's appearance on "Roadtrip Nation" & more NYC photos

Thanks to our message board members (snadie & ihatemyupstairneighbor) for giving the heads up about Josh’s involvement with the PBS show, “Roadtrip Nation”. We heard about this show and Josh’s segment about a year ago, but, nothing really became of it. The show aired once on New York PBS affiliates, so I haven’t be able to record it, yet. However, the episode is available to view online and we have the streaming link to allow you all to catch it! Josh appears about half way down or so into the video. I’ve also updated photos of Josh and Diane Kruger at a Prada party in NYC from Friday night. (Thanks Scarlet for the heads up!)

Josh on Roadtrip Nation:

2007 TV Appearances Page

Prada Epicenter New York Party + 10 images

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